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Villas at La Privada


The Designer Kitchen of Villas At La Privada

After a warm bath, you decide to come to the designer kitchen of Villas at La Privada to make one of your favorite breakfasts. This time it’s fried eggs with wild rice and bacon, plus some fresh fruits to add. 

You smile at the thought that the excellent stainless appliances, fixtures and kitchen tools inside the designer kitchen of Villas at La Privada are matched with the marvelous interior space that expresses an extraordinary atmosphere of beauty and simplicity in every apartment.

You get a GE gas range, a 4-stove burner with oven, a large refrigerator with freezer, a wide area for slicing vegetables and preparing food, and all cooking tools and utensils at the designer kitchen of Villas at La Privada, with brown wood cabinets that carry a huge appeal in terms of form, art sensibility and flexible holding capacity. 

The kitchen features of the designer kitchen of Villas at La Privada include granite countertops, tile backsplash, and stainless steel black appliances. The tile backsplash allows you to work with wet cooking and heavy washing of fruits, vegetables, and kitchen equipment like pans and aluminum ware without any experience of untidy wetness. The use of granite countertops enables high traction, clean and artistic kitchen work in terms of food preparation. 

You’ve got plenty of cabinet spaces in the designer kitchen of Villas at La Privada. You can cook conveniently inside the kitchen with the all the appliances. All these are arranged in such a way that when you move around the high-ceiling kitchen, it would be easy to cook just about anything, from pizza to cakes. 

You’ll find the pantries available in select units of the designer kitchen of Villas at La Privada. Just find anything you need for cooking. The handsome cutting boards are there inside one of those cabinets. Open those cabinets and find the kitchen tools you need there. 

This is the reason you love to cook at the designer kitchen of Villas at La Privada. Serve all your cooked meals at the dining table which is a few feet away. Lighting is excellent inside the inspiring Villas at La Privada Apartment Kitchen.

If you have stocked all your recipes and mixes inside the fridge and cabinet stocking areas, then you’re ready for the next cooking bout. You wouldn’t feel enclosed inside the kitchen, and since the space in the kitchen and dining room combined gives you more breathing space.


We are happy to invite you to schedule a private tour for you to discover your new apartment at Villas at La Privada, 5324 San Mateo Boulevard Northeast, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Call now at (505) 395-5739 or you may come directly to our office to meet our friendly staff. We are open daily from Monday to Sunday. Please see our office hours schedule at the website